How much do you know about human trafficking?

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and I wanted to ask: how much do you really know about human trafficking?

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All across the United States, victims of human trafficking are coerced or forced into labor or commercial sex against their will. There are many misconceptions about this crime, but the reality is that each survivor’s experience is different. In order to best stop trafficking and restore freedom to survivors, we need to understand the distinct types of trafficking that exist in our communities.

That’s why today we’re launching Not the Same Story, an online feature that allows you to test your own understanding of human trafficking in the United States. It also includes unique stories of survivors, and ways to take action.

Every day, with your help, we take steps towards ending human trafficking. Some steps make the news—like we saw yesterday with the shutdown of Backpage’s adult section—and others don’t, like someone spreading awareness of human trafficking. But each of these steps is important, because together we’re building a movement to end this crime once and for all.

Thanks for standing with us,

Bradley Myles


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