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“The memoir by Christina Baird is one of those books that grabs onto you. Once I started reading about some of her earliest unpleasant memories, I couldn’t stop reading – I wanted to know, how does somebody go from abuse and neglect at such an early age to write an enlightening, heartbreaking and inspiring story? This book made me look inside myself and ask this question: Am I using my own experiences to fuel a life which is purposely fulfilling? Or as Christina puts it: “Holding onto their stories as a means for living in their ‘now’”. Christina’s story is one that everybody should read. It is proof that we hold the power to choose our destiny.” ~Amy Tarleton Cline

“Reading Christina’s memoir reminded me of how fortunate I have been. Also coming from an Italian family, I had two parents at home at dinner-time most every night which certainly helped all six siblings and I to operate with most of the skills needed for a stable life. It’s a sobering reality to see what happens when that is not the case, when a child is left to grow up by herself and is forced to withstand the abuse and denigrations of parental figures who are adults in name only.  The memoir is a harrowing tale of molestation, neglect, substance abuse and misfortune plaguing the life of a young girl starting in early life and lasting into her mid-twenties. It is a brazenly honest account of mistakes and maladaptive behavior that on several occasions is nearly fatal for Christina and her friends. She is an amazingly brave woman to openly chronicle her memoir and to take the steps needed to correct a hell-bent life that seemed to be running out of time. As a friend, counselor and fellow writer I am so pleased that she has found the strength to tell her story and to live the changes made. This book is about redemption, forgiveness and the will of the spirit and would be helpful to anyone, especially any woman, who has traveled a similar path and needed some inspiration.” ~Nick Cittadino, Counselor & Instructor at Solano Community College

“Christina captured my attention immediately! This was a “I can’t put the it down” experience. It was wonderfully written with optimism felt behind her every word. What an extraordinary woman she is with an incredible talent for telling her truth. I would love to hear her upcoming story as I’m sure the ending will be as joyous as the journey. Thank you so much for sharing. So generous of Christina for letting us in! ” ~E. Michele Samson , CSA Co-Founder Senior Care Authority 021013 hike Christina and Boppa

“Christina’s words of wisdom are a firm foundation to empower us to really see that life does not allow for excuses. That life is about choices. Regardless of where you have been, what you have been through learn from those experiences and choose to make a positive from a negative. Only then do we truly begin to love ourselves and enjoy life to its fullest.” ~Don McDonald, Business entrepreneur

“After reading Christina Baird’s book I was moved by her writing and her stories. It is very raw and she didn’t pull any punches in explaining her life experiences. Today, most of society tries to sugar coat the reality and people only receive some of the truth. I feel this book will help those who are still in the dark. She is to be commended.” ~David Cook McCall , CEO of Movizine

“A candid account of one individuals unwavering courage and resilience through some of life’s most difficult challenges, Christina’s determination and grace brings her to a spiritual enlightenment that allows her to love and forgive.” ~Darren Samuelson

“Christina’s fearless stance is held with calm and poise as she shares her life through each page of this amazing book. Written as only a true warrior could. Thank you for sharing the passion that burns so freely within you with each of us. A book that shines a bright light on the path that reunites our hearts with our souls.” ~Betty Jo Billick

“The book invites you in more as you continue to read. each chapter titled in ways that draws you into it’s depths to help understand why it is presented in such a way. The story told leads you to feel a wealth of different emotions that are mostly unpleasant ones. Learning of what Christina has had to endure in her early life, is quite humbling and despite all of that she continues to move forward and accomplishes to be successful in all aspects of her life. I am honored to read such a revealing book about a person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for more than 20 years. Christina teaches us all, no matter what life we are dealt, we ultimately have the choice to change our own lives.” ~ Donald Young, June 13, 2013

08-15-14 Christina and Boppa “I know Christina the way most of us might know one another–not very well. The kind of things that are in this book about Christina’s life are generally not shared with any but the closest of confidants for a lot of different reasons. We want people to like us and see the best in us and fear keeps our darker circumstances and experiences in the closet, often for life. Yet, there might be a time to find a way to share our story with others and rather than just tell a few, writing a book about our experiences can be empowering and freeing, hopefully leading us on to make more sense of the past as we move toward the brighter future we now see. This is my take on the essence of this book.

To cover Christina’s life with its pain and trials in such a short volume is a challenge which I think she did very well. I found it very readable and frankly, hard to put down–not so much because I know her a little, but because it is a story that many might be able to relate to. Not necessarily in her exact detail, yet strangely similar regardless. I found it this way and perhaps you will as well. I applaud her efforts to tell her story and how she made it through to a better life. Enjoy!” ~ Terry Minion July 1, 2013

“From the time I started reading page one, I was unable to set the book down until I fully read the the book from cover to cover. Christina’s trials are heartbreaking and humbling. In the end Christina is an inspiration to us all to rise above what life throws at us, and make a choice to change our situation and become a better person. Either way, it’s a choice we each must make to move ourselves forward and not stay stagnate in life by blaming others. Thank you for your positive outlook and proving that no matter what one has gone through in life, there is much in life to enjoy and be happy about.” ~ Tina O’Connor July 4, 2013

“This book captivated my interest. The style of writing was easy to follow and I didn’t put the book down until I finished it. It took a lot of courage to put these life experiences into print. I could not see myself reaching that far into my psyche and that being said, I know there are so many folks out there with similar experiences that now after reading the book can say, “Oh – I’m not alone. There is hope for me.”

If you have ever been in a dark place because of your past, this book will give you some perspective. We have all faced challenges. It is up to each of us to let go of excuses – accept the past, embrace what we have learned from it and create a brilliant future not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. There is hope for all of us.” ~ Jocelyne von Strong July 5, 2013

“I enjoyed your soul wrenching memoir my friend. Your depiction of memories drew vivid pictures in my mind as I read your childhood life unfold…..sadly. The nurturer in all of us wants to hug you and make all the bad go away. Shocking, suspenseful & heart breaking. Your writing kept us captivated. You Christina are an inspiration to others that may have experienced a similar childhood. Bless you and all the good you have in your heart to continue on the path to future successes.” ~ Sandra Karse  August 5, 2013

“This is the touching story of how a girl with a traumatic childhood became a strong woman who is impacting her community daily. It is a testament to the human spirit. I am inspired by her story and her ability to forgive and become the person she is today! This book is a must read for all of us who are trying to understand our world better and raise the next generation even better than our parents did. May it make us a more compassionate society!” ~ Dolores Lonso August 13, 2013

“Christina Baird has put her heart and soul into this book! She has shared her life struggles and tragedies while inspiring us with her perseverance to never give up! This book was heart wrenching and very influential at the same time! After reading her book, I am encouraged to be a better teacher because she recalled school as a place where her stomach and heart were both fed! I encourage you to buy a copy and share it with a friend. It is a sad read but it will encourage you to share your struggles with others and try to make the world a better place!” ~ Cristina Martinez August 13, 2013

“I started reading and could not stop. WOW . What a roller coaster life. Such a grand story of survival. I got mad and wanted to kick some butt….I got sad and tears came to my eyes…I wanted to take that little girl Christina hold her and rock her in my arms…I wanted to scream at her at times,espceially while she drove in the rain. It caused me reflect on my own hard times and mistakes and problems brought on by my own volitions. It made me think of what I have done in my life for good or ill still brought me to where I am and what I became. Christina becomes such a role model of what can be , how to change misery into victory and how to go on to inspire others. So many can benefit from this Memoir….” ~ Dallas Jackson August 15, 2013

“I just finished reading this book & I’m thankful for it, the author Christina is amazing & inspiring. She shares her childhood experiences with such honesty. A childhood that all too many people can relate to, but probably wouldn’t share, acknowledge, or overcome. For me, this book confirms what I already know to be true, only we have the power to create the life that we want & deserve. No circumstance can keep us from achieving our goals, unless we choose/allow it to be our excuse. How Far Will I Run” ~ Juanita Lerma August 29, 2013 08-01-14 Sonoma County Fair

“I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it. The journey of her childhood made me understand the plight of many. As a reader, I found myself relating to some of the same situations and the depictions were vivid and emotionally captivating. Many would have been a product of their environment but she used it as a catalyst for bringing about change. She has inspired me to contribute to my community and she has set the bar for others as well. I will share this book with others so they too may be inspired!” ~ Laura McLaren September 21, 2014

“WoW Christina @littlewingconnections how I loved reading your book! Although I have not been a victim of child abuse I resonated with so much of your story … Including the song verses you used at the beginning of your chapters … Oh my some of my favorite most heartfelt tunes are yours too! I knew we were kindred spirits. Oh and the running. This was my way of escaping and getting all that was stuck inside out too!! I am sure you get that you are an absolute inspiration to many … And you are to me … But my word for how I would describe how I personally felt after reading your book and knowing that you triumphed over so many hardships would be IGNITED!!! You have guts, determination, a fricken huge heart and your Nana of course would be so proud of you!!! Thank God for amazing role models who are sitting in the wings of our life’s journey hey! I just love you like I know you sister. Thank you for connecting. For helping ignite my own spirit to write my story and for being of service to so many others. A light we all need. Another little wing connection made #littlewingconnections #christinabaird #howfarwillirun #writers #inspiringauthors #changemakers #storytelling #truth #loveyou #love #greatbooks #memoir #writingmybook #justbeyou.” ~ Jay Del Ray January 10, 2015

“I was given this book as a gift. Not really knowing what it was about. The heartfelt dialogue from Christina to the reader is a welcome change of pace for the current climate and her honesty is much appreciated. This book was encouraging, helpful and entertaining. I highly recommend this book to people of all ages. We all share such a similar path in life. We are entertwined. Christina’s path is truly remarkable and she has overcome so much and remains victorious with an open heart, living life. She is definitely someone I respect and honor. We need more people with a heart of the lion like Christina.” ~ May 8, 2017

“Do not discard this memoir as just another theatrical catharsis for those who have too much time in their day. It’s not.
The thought of me – writing my life for all to read and judge – is…well, an awful thought. It takes courage, as trite as this may sound.
Read this life of a tough, kind, embolden woman who tells an honest story. She’s making it through a life that very very few of us know about, could understand and, honestly, could ever make it through. Somewhere in these pages you’ll find yourself – because we’ve all been through something. When you’ve finished her book, look at the author’s picture on the back. Tell her, Good Job, Christina Baird. You’re a warrior.” ~ Judy B. May 9, 2017

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