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Christina Baird

Christina Baird

Born and raised in Northern California, Christina has made it her life work to be of service through accountability and contribution in her many communities. Christina understands people, their businesses, organizations and their needs. She connects all through humanistic marketing as she creates an awareness of  needs presented to her and her many platforms. She believes a community has the conscious choice to contribute or find avenues that can when presented with adversity or challenges.

Professionally, Christina owns a public relations and marketing company, Little Wing Connections and it’s hosting company, SluggerHost.com which works with community conscious businesses, organizations and individuals holding themselves accountable for the growth in their communities and on the world wide web, keeping local business owners informed of any community needs. In addition, Christina served on the Vacaville Community Services Commission appointed by the mayor from 2012 to 2020. Christina also has volunteered her time as  a mentor to Solano County Office of Education’s Career Technical Education Virtual Enterprise Program and Virtual Enterprises International’s Annual Bay Area  Conference & Exhibition. Christina has highly endorsed her local Chambers of Commerce’s throughout the years by serving as an Ambassador for the chambers that she has been a member of and in the 2013-2014 term, she was awarded the KI Jones Award by the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce. Christina has also served on the board for Solano Partnership Against Violence.

Christina’s love for delicious food, great music, clothing and passion for service has created a diverse portfolio of projects. Christina has always had a passion for conscious clothing focusing mainly on Dr. Emoto’s theory of water. The idea of water responding positively to it’s surroundings made Christina focus on what we put on our bodies. Dr. Emoto inspired Christina to launch Sudara blu in 2017. Sudara Blu Is Apparel That Truly Expresses Our True Purpose In This Lifetime. Words, Affirmations And Images That Lift Us Up To The Highest Version Of Ourselves. Sudara Blu Is A Clothing Line To Be Worn With Intention. Sudara Blu Seeks To Shed Light On The Conscious Choices We Make In Life On A Daily Basis. Christina shares her love for Sudara blu with her husband, Jesse Palmer, the very talented artist who draws all it’s designs as well as designs for his own clothing line, 2 Lost Souls.

On many occasions throughout the years, Christina Palmer and Moana Liva have attended many festivals and events with their Ohana, and have always enjoyed the diverse array of food vendor cuisine. The amazing local food vendors with their diverse cultures that present their homeland dishes in one location is far greater than any one restaurant at one given time. Food vendors always pull in a hungry crowd at favorite events around the world and their patrons will line up seeming to never get enough.
Christina has always enjoyed Moana’s food, so he was the first person to come to her mind in 2017, when she wanted to be a part of the food movement. A few months later, Holy Mo’s was born!

Christina Palmer, (authored under the last name of Baird) is the author of How Far Will I Run, A Memoir which focuses on how she has made a conscious choice to be an asset to society despite her childhood traumas. Her passion for running is in alignment for how she lives her life in a day to day environment. Creating a space to always go a little bit farther, accomplishing feats that were once thought to be unattainable, she appears to continually train for life’s marathon. Her book is her journey as a committed student of compassion and growth, who loves and serves to the best of her ability.

In 2014, Christina became a Facilitator for the Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Training on a quest to bring child sexual abuse prevention training’s to her community. Christina works with local non-profits, organizations, religious affiliations and legislation to deter predators from harming today’s youth.

In 2015, Christina collaborated with other life-empowering survivors, who choose to break the cycle of childhood abuse and contributed to the book, Trigger Points: Abuse Survivors Experiences of Parenting.

In 2016, Christina was awarded Congressman John Garamendi’s 2016 Women of the Year award which honors outstanding women of the Third Congressional District who have improved the quality of life in our district for her efforts in her lifework and volunteerism.

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