Tyler Perry’s Tree Analogy

This video came to me once before and now it has circled back. We know when we are in relationships that are unhealthy for us yet we try to change the persons we are with after our rose-colored glasses have cleared. Who we want them to be overpower who they really are and we forget why we fell in love with them in the first place through our self-imposed projections. We ignore the signs that are given to us as we fall in love with the “story” of how we want our relationships to be not as they really are. Madea gives us an example of a tree, with its leaves, branches and roots. In life we have friends, companions and loved ones in levels of closeness. I believe it’s our agreement we made before we got here. We find our soul mates, helper spirits and conduits throughout our lifetime. Each individual and interaction plays a different role in our own personal growth bringing us closer to our highest version of ourselves. It is important to align ourselves with souls who bring us closer to God. It doesn’t do either individual any good to stay with someone who brings out the worst in them. If someone chooses to leave a relationship, Madea impresses upon “letting them go”. It’s important to know the difference between who our conduits are and our soulmates. Both are meant to come in our lives for a reason, appreciating them for who they are is really the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those we come in contact with.

Relationship Advice from Video World on Vimeo.

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