Christopher John Vasquez and Kevin Lang take ladies from the Opportunity House shopping

One of my most altruistic friends on Facebook posted this in regards to the Opportunity House’s Festival of Tree’s Gala today and I immediately asked him if I could repost it. It is such an honor to be in the presence of others who give when there is no way to be repaid. Thank you Christopher John Vasquez and Kevin Lang for your relentless service to others. If you would like to help Opportunity House in any kind of way, please click here for more information.

Opportunity House Festival of Trees Gala 2014

This morning Jessica, KevTom and I took five ladies who are in different phases of programs at Opportunity House shopping to style them for The Festival of Trees Opening Night GALA on Monday! It was amazing! The five ladies kept saying thank you to us and telling us how happy and excited they are to be coming to GALA! And… They loved their looks we put together for them!!! Happy Black Friday!!! …Check out Vacaville Festival of Trees and Opportunity House to see how you can ‪donate and ‎give for the better of our great community!

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