Sharing when you have nothing

Originally published on YouTube on October 22, 2014 By Ock TV.

These young men test the theory of those who, “have or have not” and their generosity. In their video, I noticed the individuals who are caught up in their own immediate needs being fulfilled were brash and quick to shoo the experimenter away. One individual even gave a lecture for asking for the food in the middle of his bites. The experimenters stress over and over gain their hunger. The indulgers, the hard workers, the self absorbed didn’t care.

The gentleman, with no shoes on his feet nor socks, with his sweater wrapped around his knees, gladly with no hesitation, shared his pizza with his requester. They sat together. I feel it’s important to stress this! They sat together and shared. Like we were taught to do in our youth. Basic moral decency emphasizes, ” if you can help, DO IT.” No judgement. no rationalizing. If you see someone in need, you help! Your agreement in this lifetime is between you and God, No one else. If you can help, help. At the end of the day, you only answer to one, and that is the ONE.

The quote at the end of the video underlines our path the best, “The things we get in life can make us a living. The things we give to people can make a life. Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”

Credits to Ross Bugden (RFGB) for background beat.
Thanks to DennisCeeTV for helping us film this

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