Sticking to my Truth

tree truth

At times I feel alone for sticking up for what I believe in. Maybe I am alone or am I taking the work I do personally when criticized? There are no rights or wrongs in our processes to make a difference, only our highest truths. As long as we live by our truth, our path is always provides for us and our way is exposed for us. I believe ours paths are within us when we arrive here on earth, it just depends how quietly we listen to our inner truths. We are often so loud in our lives that we don’t hear our own intuition, our highest versions of ourselves.

Our truths are own divine right. Our Lifework is our imprint, staying true to course leads us to our nirvana. What it looks like is meant to unfold as we go. If we knew beforehand, there wouldn’t be any journeys, just destinations. I remind myself that everyone is doing they can at any given time in their most perfect way.

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