My State of Mind


It’s so easy to loose track of my state of mind. My wandering thoughts feed my unproductive behavior. The what if’s slip in and cause self doubt igniting my fear. Staying on task and intention is strengthened by my passion for my lifework. My faith of a bigger picture has become my lifeblood. The “something that is bigger than me” controls my destiny as I let it lead me in the direction it sees fit. The projects that have adopted me recently have made feel like I am headed in my right direction. I finally feel like I am doing what I was meant to do in this lifetime. In my different careers in the past, I always felt that I wasn’t going to do whatever I was doing for the rest of my life. I just didn’t know what it was that I was meant to do. Now I know I am meant to do whatever God asks of me without question and my life will be filled with my peace.

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