No more Tumors!!!!!

My PET scan came back clean!!!!! Thank you to everyone who have reached out to me with genuine concern, compassion and encouragement. You definitely kept me uplifted and focused on what is important. What matters.

The questions that have come to me in this experience are:

Why has this experience come to me?

In the past, I have tried to be “Mama bear” to everyone. I have tried to “fix others” and help them, even when they did not want or need my help.  I had engaged in enablement instead of empowerment. I have learned to “Stay in my lane” and to live my own journey. I respect and appreciate others for theirs and hope they find their way with ease and grace at their own pace in their journey. I wish happiness to everyone and love from afar to those who, I believe God is reminding me to focus on myself and my well being.

What can I learn from this?

I have learned to SLOW down and to acknowledge things will get done when they get done. My OCD tendencies have calmed down. “I” have calmed down, fore at the end of the day, I just don’t have the energy to accomplish EVERYTHING at once anymore. Pacing myself and enjoying my moments as they are presented to me have brought me peace. I have no energy to be feisty with others, as I have found my fire can be best served elsewhere.

What matters?

At the end of the day, when I give it up to God the only thing that matters is what is presented to me at the moment. He has got me. I got this. We have got this. Everything else will fall into place. Laughter and peace of mind is the greatest medicine I have found so far to cure my bodily ailments.

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