Niki Entrepreneur on Pure Empathy

The following podcast is a radio show, hosted by Ryan Woodle in Cincinnati, Ohio. The show features Niki Bell, Survivor of a lifetime of Sexual Violence and Abuse, Entrepreneur, Project Funding Consultant, Published Writer, and Life Coach. The shows’ audience is for young people pursuing their goals in life and business, furthering their education; and it is a venue of motivational speakers who are inspiring our youth throughout the nation to pursue their dreams. Niki Bell talks about being a self-made entrepreneur, turning pain into victory, living in scarcity her entire life to creating value in one’s life, and how she coaches others in finance, and business. “Never Give Up!” she says. The message, while there are many, Niki states in the end, “Often times our youth feel misunderstood and unheard… Young people must take those issues (such as homelessness) and make it the platform for change in your life!”

You can watch the video below on Youtube by clicking on it. You are welcome to contact her for speaking engagements, project ideas and proposals, funding, advocacy, free consultation for your business or start up, and simply to chat. Please listen and share with others!

Thank you!!!

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