Meet Niki Bell of Soul and Life Coach

Originally published on VoyageLA on January 15, 2018 By VoyageLA Staff.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Niki Bell.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

I was born from the womb into a world of sexual violence, torture, gangs, rape, and murders. It is what we coin now to be sexual and human trafficking. When a person is constantly violated: verbally, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and financially; there tends to be no hope or future at that point. I am an exception to the rule. It is not THE STORY I choose to tell. It is the LIFE I have lived. My story is not all that I am. It has helped make me become who I am. I am more than a story, more than a survivor, and I am me. I am a galactic cosmic aligned spiritual being radiating with vibrant energy that is constantly evolving at this present moment. It is a part of me & my sounding board for continued change, continued human revolution, liberation, and freedom. These acts of terrorism happened everyday of my life for over thirty years. I started at age two to stand up for myself. I mastered my mind by age 6.

From my apartment to the college library, I would walk the same path. Once there, I would reflect in the big glass windows and look at my apartment and say to myself, “I refuse to be a victim. I am somebody.” I faced the battle field everyday. One thing that I did, was to count the steps from my apartment to the college library. I said to myself, “I have walked these steps a million times, how many more times will I walk these steps. If I choose a different path, what will become of me? I will do it”. I asked myself this question from age six to age 17.

The safest place for me was a tree where I would sleep by the college library. I was a mastermind in all those books and reports. I was determined that no one could take my mind away. My journey, my liberation, and my freedom, began during the period of being conditioned with victimization, poverty, and a lack of self-worth with everyone saying that was okay.

Today, it doesn’t matter your economic status, your education, your gender, or your religion. What matters are your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and belief. The number one belief has to be within yourself. And the belief that… Yes, you deserve everything you seek. You believe in the power of you. I had no childhood. But, my womanhood is the epitome of a goddess. For every man, he is a god, a divine spirit, within himself. For every woman, she is a goddess, a divine spirit within herself. I am Diosa DeVida, Goddess of Life. I am unstoppable. I am a Warrior. It has taken thousands of years to LOVE Me! I love you, I love me! I see beauty in everyone and everything!

Fear does not rest here. I am vibracious and happy! I am a magnet for unknown territory. I have no magical powers. But, the secret to life is in all that I do. I have the ability to help anyone uncover their limits, their conditioning, their patterns and help them to become Masters of their own minds, young and old. The belief is (in) their heart. Thoughts and one’s heart is the changed reality they see. The absolute proof of their CORE issues beaming with the sun from within them.

REALITY. Some people may have been born privileged with a diamond spoon. It doesn’t matter because we are all human. We all have a struggle. I help people to become indestructibly happy. We have heard of the “million dollar mindset”. What I teach and motivate is, “the million steps in a single moment”. A person has to take responsibility for their life without blaming themselves or others, have a sense of awareness, and self-realization. For every thought, there is a cause. For every cause, there is an action, which begins with the thought.

Feeling and emotion is our heartfelt intentions. When there is heart in every thought, we have the ability to unmask unlimited potential.

We must vow to take that “million step in a single moment”, no matter how long it takes. Humans want instanteous results. The best results are the ones that are created with no point of return… that latent effect based on the core causes we have made. We have to keep refreshing, reiterating, new patterns of our own justice. Overcoming struggle is our own justice. How can you justify poverty? How can a person justify being rich or middle class? How can you justify success? How can you leap into the reality you are meant to live, you deserve to live? How can you get beyond insanity? How can you smell the roses? It’s in those million steps in a single moment where you realize you don’t need to justify or prove anything to anyone other than yourself. Where you are a compassionate and humble being that doesn’t work from ego, but works from the bowels of love. Realizing, the universe loves you… even vanity has depth. Vanity is simply masked insecurity. Projecting honest and truth is hard. But, truth is that forbidden fruit that makes you grow ex-potentially to infinity and beyond. You must be honest with yourself in order to find truth within yourself or you will continue to project ill feelings and judgments towards others. You have to work on deleting judgments by bringing the light within you and out of you. You are a cosmic being, engulfed with all galaxies flowing within, through, and around you, project that instead of doubt and fear. You are amazing and wonderful, no matter who you are. Make the cause to give to a cause with unconditional love, and all else will flow. Imagine! Live! Love! Laugh! Move! Believe! It is your safe haven to be aware that you are not alone, but you can stand on your own. Come, smile, move with me, and learn that everything we do in that “million moment” carries the momentum for what is to come. Consistency is key. You cannot see it, you must simply believe it! Believe it is already happening! “I am so grateful _______ has happened. Thank you”.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

There are plenty of struggles. It is the consistent momentum that you execute, moment to moment, in order to overcome one’s struggle.

Some struggles include: marketing- attracting clients, website enhancement, research, sales- booking clients, more community presence, etc. My struggles are in person and online. I have a gift in what I do. I charge for my sessions. But, I do not have one exercise or one way of thinking to share that will get an individual an achieved result. The achieved outcome is based on the individual, not on what I may appear to be selling. I teach people to tap in and not tap out. At the end of the day, I am not selling anything. I am simply helping to open up one’s mind and heart that they have a greater purpose, to show them outlets and resources they can utilize to grow internally, to help enlighten one’s subconsciousness of the power that will override its own sabotage, and the human connection that we all need vs. an online program of empty promises. True victory comes from the individual investing in their own self-transformation to create freedom, time, and flexibility. Also, to combat and overcome any challenges. If I said, I have a financial challenge. As soon as I think it, I have undermined my own abilities. I use myself as an example because I do not teach that which I have not overcome. As soon as I undermine my own abilities, it was already on its way …my desired outcome. But, by way of doubt, I disregarded universal love manifesting my true desired outcome. Thereby, the thought alone determines one’s destiny. Catching ourselves being in universal conflict with our projected fears and doubts, makes it (desired outcome), not appear or take longer to appear. We can catch ourselves, in our “million steps in a moment” and stop our own detriment. Therefore, I have no struggles. I simply believe, feel, and know that it is already happening. “I am grateful __________ is happening” It begins here and it is the portal opening for going beyond gratitude. You are the creator of your own rhythm of your life. That rhythm must continue no matter what. It is mental, it is physical, verbal, spiritual, financial, and literal. The lack of consistent movement in your life helps to disallow you your own freedom. We must continue to be proactive instead of reactive; in terms of not defining ourselves by our physical circumstance and environment; but by our strong inner voice. The subconscious is the karmic storehouse and it is the object of our internal revolution.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Soul and Life Coach – what should we know?

I am a holistic practitioner. My business is Soul and Life Coach. I do not treat or diagnose individual’s. For new clients my first session is by phone. My group sessions are in person. I air on the side of safety first. My idea clients are those who are ready to tackle their core issues, take responsibility for their life, and are open to different ways of evolving from their subconscious. Those who are willing to invest and change their lives at the subatomic level in light and with truth achieve victory every time. As a professional, I honor each individuals journey. I do not have all the answers. The journey of one self is sacred. Every human being is a sacred entity of the cosmos. We do not exist without the other. Our inner connectivity is expounded in every breath we take along with mother earth and our galactic portals.

What sets me apart is the sharing of my gift with others. As a professional functioning beyond instinct, books, and life experience; but truly seeing a reflection of each other, inspiring lives, feeling, divulging in the person’s journey without being their anchor or feeding their ego. But, truly being in the moment and helping to take those million steps with them every step of the way is vital. Technology is great, but human connection is very important. Technology helps with connecting with each other all over the world. Technology is not accessible to some people. Connecting to the universe and aligning oneself is one of the gifts I share, regardless of where a person may live. People do not have to conquer it all, simply believing that you can overcome a challenge in life is truly profound. To take that challenge and turn it into your purpose and mission in life; this is how we as a human race reach our highest potential, both individually and collectively. You are in control of determining your own destiny, and you are not alone. You are more than your story, your career, your bloodlines, your parent’s child, title, status in the community, and more than your education. You are more than your failures, shortcomings, your doubts, your fears, your anxiety, and more than what you see in the mirror. No story or pain can be compared, so please do not disregard your journey that has brought you here, now. Every journey and person is unique. You must strive to look within instead of without. Your life is no smaller or larger than another. When a person can change shame, anger, jealousy, or guilt into forgiveness, love, and a winning attitude in life. This takes a moment to moment process. Believing that in each moment, no matter what the situation may be, you can determine its course and your desired outcome… is victory! When you are losing, you are winning. When nothing is happening, it is truly happening. I share the gift of how to be victorious and happy in life, no matter your situation… moment to moment!

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

My qualities and characteristics that contribute to my success are seen in my daily life. Every breath, every word I speak has meaning. I live each day as if it were my last. I ask myself what contribution did I make to my family and society. I ask myself did I change a thought to create a marvelous event. Yes! I am winning in life! Did I listen today? My smile has an aura of energy. I bring an array of hope to the hopeless. The key to happiness and overcoming destitution is in the absolute proof that everything I do for a desired outcome is seen in my life. I live by example and people have seen my growth over the years. They may not have the words to describe it, but they know I have done an amazing job at my internal workings. And then… they ask…. What do you do? Who are you? I disclose to them what they do not want to hear, see, or believe without attacking. They go away for a while, months and years. They come back & say you were right. My desire is not to be right. My desire is for you to be victorious & happy in life with my encouragement. You can do it on your own, it is your life; but you are not alone. As I continued to evolve, I realized not everyone is ready to confront the roadblocks they have put out for themselves. They are not ready to face themselves. That is okay. A person’s life and journey is just that. Simply because I can see their end result, does not make me any more smarter than the next person. It simply means that at some point in my life, I said enough is enough. I refuse this toxic relationship, or this negative person. I refuse to be impoverished. No thank you to victimization. I delete trauma, and memories that serve me no purpose. I choose to love myself and others. I choose to forgive those who have hurt me deeply. I choose to have every experience to be new and refreshing; to learn the lessons I need to learn, to grow from it, and move on. I paint the picture clearer as I continue my inner workings, it naturally becomes my clarity for continued work. My proudest moment is knowing that professionals who say in an instant this or that can be done. I realize and can share with others this is not true. It takes work to master your mind and lead your journey with your heart. You want truth, do not allow yourself to be lied to, & you are here because you’ve been unable to see the truth. You have been unable to see what is already here, what is coming, and the effect of your causes you have made. It takes effort. This effort cannot be measured. It could be changing a single thought. It could be an achieved aspiration. My proudest moment are people who come to me & know that the truth, their truth, their inner workings, their journey, their self responsibility, their awareness, their realization, their thoughts, their actions are not dependent on anyone else but themselves. When they know, “the truth shall set you free”. Sometimes we sing the same song and think we are living. We are actually leaving whatever the situation may be; to creep up on us for another day in another moment. What work, I ask a person, have they put into themselves? Do they believe in themselves? Do they believe in anything? My proudest moment is not when a person leaves and says I am right about their life. It is when they stay and realize they have a right to their life. They have a cosmic right to be happy & to be victorious! Whatever is blocking you can be removed. Whatever it is that you do not see can be revealed. My proudest moment is when people are proud of themselves and they continue to build muscle in their brains. They continue to persevere against all odds. They continue to make the impossible possible. I may have gifts, but we all do. I am simply a universal messenger telling you to get up, move with rhythm, capture each thought, and step into the light! Raise your vibration and energy! Be happy! Be free! Live a victorious life… moment to moment!


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