Jodie Ortega Performs Breaking Our Silence: Healing Thrives in Community

“Jodie Ortega first wowed us in her 2014 TEDx talk, “Breaking My Silence: Healing Thrives in Conversation.” Where she shared her journey of breaking free from the secret of being raped by a family member. Jodie is back for another TEDx talk on Saturday, September 16, 2017, and through a mix of presentation and performance, Jodie shares with audiences the healing power of connection and the corrosive effects of shame.

Jodie is an Alchemist who travels back in time everyday to save her younger self and in doing so has been able to teach others how to break their silence on sexual violence. 

She is a Disrupter, flipping the narrative of victimhood through an artistic lens. Through the sharing of stories, Jodie believes we creates community. In empowering our children, we raise children that will speak out when they need to.

TEDxEastVan will be livestreamed, with Jodie presenting last in the First Act which starts at 11:00 a.m. PDT.”

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