BREAKING: Human trafficking reports in the U.S. increase 35%

Today, we released our Hotline Statistics from 2016. Since December 2007, the National Human Trafficking Hotline and BeFree Textline have responded to more than 33,680 cases of human trafficking. These helplines provide thousands of survivors every year with vital support and a variety of options to get help and stay safe. And through these hotlines, Polaris has the largest available data set on human trafficking in the United States—data that we’re constantly analyzing to figure out how to best assist survivors and identify trafficking networks.

Here’s what we saw this year:

You can learn more by reading the full report here, and you can check out a state-by-state breakdown of hotline data here.

So what’s next? We’re directly applying what we’ve learned in our work by further examining the specific types of trafficking that occur in the U.S., which will help us better understand individual victim experiences. We’re sharing information with service providers and law enforcement so we can strengthen our nationwide response to trafficking. And we’re continuing to spread awareness of the Hotline so that we can reach more survivors. We hope you will too.

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Bradley Myles

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