My Survivor Story – Souraya Pinkston

As a survivor of child sexual abuse I’m writing to you with a story of hope, because I believe organizations like Darkness to Light have the power to better protect children from sexual abuse.

My abuse started when I was 5 years old, by a cousin who often visited. Then at 7 years old, my mother’s live in boyfriend started sneaking into my room at night. For many years my mom didn’t realize what was occurring and would leave me alone with him a lot.

I thought it was a dream. I didn’t believe it was happening.

I was 11 when it finally came to an end. One day my mom and grandmother came home from shopping and found me crying. My grandmother’s first question was, “Did he touch you?” I said “Yes.” I told them it had been happening for years.

I know my mom didn’t want me to get hurt, she just didn’t have the skills to protect me from my abusers and to deal with my disclosure. Thankfully, through faith and personal development, I was able to heal and experience tremendous joy in my life.

I can’t undo my past, but I know that in the future, children can be better protected from sexual abuse when the adults in their lives take Stewards of Children(R) child sexual abuse prevention training. This is why I believe supporting Darkness to Light’s mission to end child sexual abuse is so important.

So I ask you to join me and make your donation today ( Your donation will support nationwide training by over 9,000 trained facilitators in all 50 states.

Together we can end child sexual abuse and make the world a safer place for children.


Souraya Pinkston
Stewards of Children(R) Featured Survivor, Darkness to Light


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