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vennie-kocsisMy name is Vennie Kocsis. I am the author of Cult Child, a memoir based on my life growing up a sexually, mentally and physically abused child in Sam Fife’s Move of God cult. View the book trailer and order my novel and other publications by visiting my website:

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For a more in-depth view into this cult, which still exists today, visit my page: History of Sam Fife’s Move of God Cult.

I am a pensive author, poet, song writer, singer, self taught acoustic guitarist, and sometimes, emotion vomiting artist. My writing, poetry, music and art are the therapy by which I have survived the abuse I suffered from the ages of three to fourteen years. I call the dark caves where the worst of my memories hide “My Shadowland”. There are many caves, and we are traveling through them all in this lifetime.

I am empathic and highly sensitive, understanding the very long journey through cult recovery. I am raw. I am flawed. I am vulnerable, and here without shame, to tell the true story of my own childhood. I am writing out the effects that this trauma has left on my family and my own children. I write to survive, and I write for those who cannot find the words to tell their own story.


Some of the entries you will read if you follow this journal may contain descriptive accounts of sexual, physical, mental abuse, graphic dreams, and other possibly triggering subjects. Please follow with caution. I sometimes go long periods without posting or the floodgates open. If you do decide to follow, stay on the raft, I’ll always be back.

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Listen to my interview on Beyond the Strange with Dave Cruz:

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