The Childhelp Merv Griffin Village is a safe oasis of hope and healing where children who have been rescued from severely abusive situations come to repair their broken bodies, regain trust, find their voices and begin to build brighter futures.

A residential treatment facility seems daunting to a small child. At Childhelp, our children are welcomed into a supportive village with individual cottages that feel like home. Personalizing a room, picking out art, and snuggling on fresh new bedding with a stuffed animal seems like every child’s right. For many, the Childhelp Village is the first time they have felt such security and love.

We have designed this registry so that generous hearts who would like to be part of our welcoming committee from afar can nurture a child in crisis with the click of a button. Children’s items wear out quickly and need to be replaced regularly. Our team members will routinely post household needs that directly benefit the little lives in our care. They will also let our kids choose their favorite pictures, comforters, art supplies and other niceties that bring them joy and make them feel special.

Thank you for your kind consideration and happy shopping! You are buying more than a few homey goods to brighten a child’s day; you are investing in a little life that needs you.

Click here to put a smile on a child’s face:

For the love of a child.

Sara O’Meara             Yvonne Fedderson
Chairman & CEO      President
Sara O' Meara and Yvonne Fedderson





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