How can we Love life, when life seems to inflict pain?

How can we Love life, when life seems to inflict pain?

How can we Love life, when life seems to inflict pain

First we have to come to terms with something profound. That being… We are not the story we tell about ourselves. This story is every idea that attempts to determine how our life “should” unfold.

It’s a common pattern of the mind to solidify ideas and expectations that keep us at a distance from the unpleasant. There is an effort to avoid some element of life that we feel will interrupt our story of self importance, or our story security.

It’s easy to fall into a belief that wants to resent life, and blame life for the perceived withholding of wellness. However, in these times there truly is a gift of the highest good; if one is willing to be with the present moment experience.

Life is inviting us to stop. Life is inviting us to return to what we truly are, and to allow for the falling away of everything that is not real. This is a requirement if we are to make any real contact with the authenticity of the miracle we are.

Our disconnect with this connection, is only caused by our attention chasing an imaginary self that exists in an imaginary future. We become segregated in identity, strewn out into a thousand pieces held together by a false hope that wants the present moment to pass by too quickly. It is like anxiously trying to use this moment to get to the future, falsely believing tomorrow has something that is not here already.

Life wants us to see that everything we are, everything we could ever possibly desire for ourselves or the world, actually exists within you right now, in this present moment. Pain, brings us back to now. It forces us to let go of who we think we should be, and invites us to see who we are even amidst the most unpleasant circumstances.

This process is vital if we are to discover our inherent divinity. We must see that the truth of what we are, is untouchable by the world, or any physical experience. We can gauge our embodiment of these divine lessons by the amount of gratitude we have for the unpleasant that’s beyond our control. Can we surrender, can we just be, without needing anything to change?

When you can, willingly, you will have discovered the depth of your divine nature, which is infinite in all things. In this, you will see a love within that can never be removed by any experience in the external world.

You will recognize absolute Love. You will recognize what you truly are.


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