New Paradigm Community

New Paradigm Community

We are building a New Paradigm! The more we can gather together, share ideas, dreams, concepts, and teachings, the more strength and power we will generate to accomplish this great task.

Personally, I am moved to share more of the astrology of our times than the short weekly Pele Report. In addition, I am using New Paradigm Astrology to host a community chat room/forum where ideas can be shared. I am inviting other friends from other disciplines (yoga, meditation, channeling etc.) whose work I appreciate to share their wisdom with us and grow together. I have also been getting asked to answer more questions than I can manage through email. To remedy this situation and implement other ideas

I would like to introduce THE NEW PARADIGM COMMUNITY!

Join the community and participate with over 500 forum members, connect with the ‘Dream Team’, watch 2 featured monthly videos by Kaypacha, participate in the monthly live Q&A, enjoy guest experts, astrology webinars and more!

~ Kaypacha

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