As I Wait To Wait… by Tuesday Conner

The Story of an Angel

Carmine Puccio

Carmine Puccio


Vincent diPasquale


Tuesday Conner

As I wait to wait
The government takes it time
Playing cowboys and Indians
in other countries
when it is here that needs to be saved.

As I wait to wait
Did my friend die in vein?
Was the man who killed Carmine
on drugs or
just insane?

He had too much pressure
built up inside…
Maybe he couldn’t provide for his wife
Maybe his child just died…

I’d really like to know
Why a crazed man roams the halls
Ranting about
Yielding a knife
Making more noise
then allowed by the lord.

Groggy eyed and sleepily
Carmine comes to the door
The evil man
Ran at him
Knocked him to the floor
Inside Carmines house
Stabbing my friend
Again and again
for no moral cause.

People closed their doors…
Someone called 9 9 1 1
and the man kept stabbing him
even when the police did come.

You looked out your peep hole
wait for the police to come
They show up
And the stabbing goes on.
How long did it take?
How long did you peep?
How long did you listen?
Where was grandmas’ cast iron skillets?

That’s why planes go down.
You wait to wait
for the Calvary to come
and the Calvary came to late.
And what good are neighbors
if be at your door friend or stranger?

It ain’t even safe to wake up no more.
As I wait to wait
There’s emptiness inside
We walk around in a void
doing menial chores.
Life goes on for the living
which my friend has no more.

We are his family COLSAC
Not legally bind
they will keep him for one year
and for one year I will bide my time.

And I will wear a crisp white shirt
On the day his ashes
We will come to claim.
He has a family
He’s more then a name
Carmine Puccio’s life and death
will not go in vein.

Dear Carmine, in my heart
You will always remain…
~my Boo

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