The Brink… by Tuesday Conner

the brink

Watching the news this morning
The lady who killed her five babies
Is on trial

And her husband just got married
in the same church
services were held
for his five children.
They showed him in his tux

While the mother of his children
In her pale prison jumpsuit
was being led to court.

Makes me think..
Was the bride The other woman
That led this poor woman to the brink?

I would think
The court would take this into consideration
When they commit sentence on her life

If the courts understood humanity
They would know
They could inflect severe punishment
But it could never compare
More severe then
what’s inside this woman’s head
She needs psychiatric help
Her mind has been warped.

Look into her history, Look into her past
Look into her ex-husbands current relationship
Question the bride for fucking up this woman’s life
Every woman is suppose to tell a married man no.
It’s your moral obligation unless you’re a hoe.

I ain’t saying she’s right for doing what she did
But something so severe happened to her
That she just wanted back her old life

Don’t you think that woman was normal
Before that man walked in the door
She was just sitting there
Minding my own thing

When in he walked almost looking sexy
She was just out
For a night of fun
When she ran into a Demon
That would change her life forever
And in her head
She will always
Hear the children screaming

She knew what she should
and she tried not to do
But when your man
Is screwing every Bimbo in town
And it keeps coming back to you.
(tighten up the screw in your skull)
It’s hard to keep those screws
From coming loose
And five babies screaming
Running around the house
Trying your best to keep everything up
When all you wanna do
Is get the fuck out.

She was normal before he walked in the door
Knocking her up with five children
And now she finds herself glad that it’s over
And she still feels the tears wail every morning

She didn’t know what happened
He just wasn’t there one day
Spending late nights at the office
Only coming home long enough
To get laid and complain
While she was doing the best she can

She wasn’t quite feeling like herself
she had this here obsession
She couldn’t shake it from her dreams
she felt she had a bit of
Murderous-like tendencies
And in her head
She will always
Hear the children screaming

The Moral of the story is:
Never lose you.

by Tuesday Conner

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