Lisa Floyd’s 911 call

Lisa Floyd child

Lisa Floyd was 6 years old when she made this call as she witnessed her step dad abuse her mother for yet another time. The audio is chilling, frightening us to tears with each piercing scream from Lisa as she  fights to protect her loved ones. As an Adult, Lisa re-enacts her mother’s relationship experience with domestic violence and finds her herself in her own manipulating abusive relationship herself. The impact and influence we have on our children is immeasurable. Our children watch us and learn how to cope in their own realities through living by our examples. The generational damage we pass onto our kids is inevitable. It is important to talk to our kids and help them see and know that we are also growing and learning as adults constantly. Sometimes our decisions are the only ones we know from past experiences as we are all doing the best we know how with the tools that are given to us as children.

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