The Sandwich Generation

Original video was published on Upworthy as a Promoted Post By Whirlpool

I am apart of the sandwich generation. I am a single mother with a twelve-year-old son and a father who also resides with me. At one point, we had my disabled uncle living with us also. As a family, we pull together to help in our household environment. It’s important to set examples for our future generations as well as help those who have set the platform for our standards in lives today. Accountability and contribution is the theme in all aspects of my life, whether it be through work, my life imprint and family values. When you see a need, you help out or find someone who cane. Care inspires care. We must all lead by example.

Whirlpool Brand created #EveryDayCare to highlight the selfless acts of caretakers everywhere. Let’s all appreciate those dads, moms, and other guardians who provide loving care daily.

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