The Upworthy team at their best

Have you ever wondered how Upworthy gets their stories? Who are the ones who distribute the greatest altruistic content on the world wide web?  In this particular video, these gentlemen are helping spread the word in saving the Great Barrier Reef from extinction by traveling across the world to educate themselves with the scientists who are concerned for its survival.

Upworthy is the best content distribution platform for the most meaningful content on the internet. Upworthy consciously spreads the word for so many people and organizations who choose to be accountable for their communities growth and well being. Their mission is to spread the word for conscious growth much needed world wide. Everyone has a great story and Upworthy has the tools and capabilities to spread these stories in a very effective viral way.  I love to endorse this group’s lifework on both of my sites as they make it their mission to spread an awareness of  needs so help can be manifested.

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