“Happy Valley”, a documentary

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“Happy Valley”, a documentary about the aftermath from the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal, was released in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Matt Sandusky, who was abused by his adoptive father, is an inspiring central figure in the film.

A special screening in Los Angeles was facilitated on Wednesday and a dynamic Q&A with Matt Sandusky and our own Jolie Logan followed the film. Logan left the event with the resolve to “transform our fascination with this particular story into outrage and action, knowing that it is one among millions”.

Read Jolie’s thoughts on the event and share the story with your friends and family as we continue to build our movement to end child sexual abuse.

The film is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness but it is only the beginning. It’s essential that we stay focused on preventing stories like Happy Valley to begin with. Stay tuned for news regarding some tremendous successes we’ve had and more tools to prevent abuse in your communities.
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Cindy McElhinney
Director of Programs

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