The I Have a Name Project T-Shirt

I HAN TShirt

Buy a T-Shirt. Take a Stand. Support Homeless Youth. Fed a Vet.

Compassion is NOT a crime. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, 33 U.S. cities ban the practice of sharing food with homeless. The I Have a Name Project has created a T-shirt protesting this inhumanity towards fellow man. We are proud to support TumbleTees, an organization that gives homeless youth gainful employment and job skills. In addition, proceeds from shirt sales will provide a Christmas Meal for homeless Veterans at the MANA House in Phoenix, Arizona.
Simply visit our website Use the donate button and make a small contribution of 25.00. After your donation we will email you to confirm sizing and shipping details. Together we can make a difference. Thank You x1000! IHAN

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