Just another rape poem

I have spoken to large groups in regards to my book, A Memoir How Far Will I Run and have watched and been distracted in mid sentence as a side conversation is proceeding within my earshot. I have seen the eyes roll when I proclaim that I am a survivor. I felt the defeat when I have lost to the phone filled with messages more important than the words that are coming out of my mouth in broken sentences as I, with all the strength I can conjure keep it together so that I can fulfill my mission in sharing the awareness of sexual assault.

Portland based spoken word poet, Brenna Twohy performs her powerful poem which had me screaming,” You go, Girl!” with my raised arm up applause at her closing. Wow, I feel some shoes were share between Ms. Twohy and myself in this lifetime. Again, I choose to honor and endorse this “call out” to all those who think this issue is NOT THEIR PROBLEM! Check Brenna out on Facebook also.

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