Global Peace Index 2014

Originally published on Youtube on July 18, 2014 By Upworthy.

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The Global Peace Index measures peace in 162 countries according to 22 indicators that gauge the absence of violence or the fear of violence. This is the 7th year the index has been produced. Results from the 2014 Global Peace Index show that:

Since 2008, 111 countries have deteriorated in levels of peace, while only 51 have increased.

Europe retains its position as the most peaceful region with 14 of the top 20 most peaceful countries.

The world has become less peaceful over the last year, mainly due to a rise in terrorist activity, the number of conflicts fought and the number of refugees and displaced people.

500 million people live in countries at risk of instability and conflict, 200 million of whom live below the poverty line.

The Global Economic Impact of violence reached US$9.8 trillion last year, which is equal to 2 times the total GDP of Africa.

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