I am a survivor

Recently, I was asked if I NEEDED to be a survivor…

Carl Jung

My Answer was this,

“I don’t need to be a survivor, I am a survivor. The moment I survived any of my abuses, I was and am a survivor. Anytime anyone survives an incident of any kind, they are a survivor. I cringe when I hear the word “victim”, it is such a limiting word. A “hold a population down” type of word. It is a disabling word that does not help anyone see their greatest potential. Their highest version of themselves through the empowerment of being uplifted through others.

I gave up my story of victimhood long ago when it stopped working for me. Before then, I weighed on my story to take advantage of situations and people because the victim mentality got me sympathy. I burdened others for my own personal benefit.

To tell a person they are a victim, is to enable them. To tell a person they are a survivor, is to empower them. I choose to make my lifework full of uplifting empowerment, not of degrading belittlement.

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