The thought of entitlement

Ironwood booth at 2014 Wine and Food Jubilee

The thought of entitlement is so foreign to me. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word as, “the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges)”. We all deserve to be treated with common courtesy and respect. We all deserve to be treated like humans. A rank or job title is not a free claim to be disrespectful or a call to order of condescension. I have watched entitlement ruin people’s character. I have observed power trips and exploitation of egos.We are all privileged to have opportunities presented to us. I believe my lifework is of service. I strive to be of service with humility.

At times though, I catch myself forgetting my purpose and intention of my service, getting caught up in reaction to what I think is unfair. If humility is the opposite of ego, then my intention gets lost in my own chaos. I loved being served as well as serving. In both scenarios, I am grateful to have been given the experience. My lifework is in loving and serving by honoring my highest truth. Protecting my boundaries with grace and ease is an ongoing lesson that I am striving to achieve. I am happy to help others with humility and grace, always honoring the intention of the efforts at hand.

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