Banana Split

banana split

A dear and close friend of mine sent me a picture he dug up from some old boxes. When I opened his message and saw this picture, I gasped and as my eyes swelled up and tears slowly slid down my cheek. The picture reminds me of death, my death that could’ve happened. “We should have never survived that accident,” we repeatedly heard from the authorities of the banana’s passengers. Staring at my mangled car, fills my heart with gratitude that God gave me one more chance in this life time. Not to say I haven’t had a few more redemption moments since then, none though, have come close to my reincarnation as the night of my car accident. I am so grateful no one passed that night, even though two of the passengers have since passed and I miss them both dearly. I am blessed to have been given one, two, three more chances. I am  honored that God has faith in me to finish my life mission. I hope that by keeping me here a bit longer can help others to not make the same mistakes I have. Just looking at my mangled wreckage is enough to remind me how serious life can be when you have others in your hands.

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