Don’t worry about the how’s

I have noticed the more I don’t worry about “how” I am going to make things happen and realize that I am not the source of my supply, the aspirations I am striving for come to fruition.


The other day I didn’t know “how” I was going to come up with the needed funds to cover something that I had put off for a while. I had been praying to God for help each day prior to see me through the situation. As the day unfolded, opportunities presented themselves, each supporting the latter and making everything work out. Having Faith can be scary and also freeing at the same time. I have come to learn that asking for specifics, limits me. When I leave my “hows” open for interpretation, my possibilities become endless. Doors and avenues open up in way that I couldn’t have possibly imagined on my own. What I have learned is, instead of asking God to pay for a certain item, I have fount that when I ask him to take care of it… He does.

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