Beauty Pressure by Tom Piper

This video was made by Tom Piper for Dove six years ago. I remember when this commercial first came out and the impact it had on me then, now to be  among a panel of women that are bringing the Miss Representation Project to Solano County is  such an honor.

Article below referenced originally published on By Susie Orbach.

Girls grow up knowing that how they look is important. And while girls and women enjoy beauty and fashion, they can also worry about their looks, their hair, their tummies, their breasts, their legs, their size and their shape.

Where do we get this idea at first?

We get our sense of how important this is as we watch our Moms and hear her sighs or, less frequently, see her smile of pleasure as she looks at herself in the mirror. That’s not to say it is our Mom’s fault. It is just that, as young girls, we absorb from her how very crucial it is to focus on our bodies…

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