Is having Peace more important than Love?

I sat with one of my old mentors and cherished friend from the lending industry the other day. I hadn’t seen her in quite a while,  and had always felt my responsibility to be more on point with my composure when I was in her presence.  In the years, I have known her, I have admired her graceful poise and command of presence when she walked into a room.

This day when she walked into the restaurant for our meeting and got settled into her seat, I felt a softness to her previously known composure. While we shared our life changes from the past couple of years and I noticed an aversion of the word, “happiness” from my teacher’s lips. She caught my questioning eye as she stumbled with her detachment of her dissociation from such a longed for bliss. She paused and started rationalizing… “My Christina,  I have come to a place in my life that I am content with just being at peace and am not too interested in looking for happiness.”

peace vs love

I sat in front of my friend and attentively felt and heard her fear to let herself go and just be loved without disappointment. I saw my mentor softer, breakable and it was humbling. I felt her deflation that comes to us when we are on the verge of surrendering.  The trepidation sets the stage for us to stand in front of our fears or run from them. What I found though is that love always prevails sooner or later. It just sits around and waits, lingering, staying in the corner of your hearts until we surrender to our destinies.

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