Tessa and “The Old Master and the Horse”

Sitting with a kindred spirit today reminded me of a story I read when I was younger in the Te of Piglet. I watched and listened to her speak so calmly and unwavering about her new life choices with such ease and grace. Her confidence inspired me since my reluctance to make a decision and to be secure in my choices has in the past caused me much anxiety. I admire the ones that can quickly assert their thoughts, make a resolution and move forward without constantly weighing out the pros and cons on their scale of indecision.

horse in the road


A horse was tied outside a shop in a narrow Chinese village street. Whenever anyone would try to walk by, the horse would kick him. Before long , a small crowd of villagers had gathered near the shop, arguing about how best to get past the dangerous horse, someone came running.

” The Old Master is coming!” he shouted. “He’ll know what to do!”

The crowd watched eagerly as the Old Master came around the corner, saw the horse, turned, and walked down another street.

-excerpt from “The Te of Piglet“, by Benjamin Hoff.

Things are what they are, we just need to follow “our” path or intention and we will be fine…

Always going forward and not dwelling on all the muck that can pull us down or sway us from our dreams or visions.

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