Tim McJunkin and the weight of the world

A friend of mine took his life yesterday, leaving us with the burden of helplessness and grief. Whatever he was feeling at the time of his passing saddens me that he didn’t feel that pull from other souls in this lifetime to keep him here. Tim was the gentleman that, in  sphere of influence, did what he felt was the right thing to do. He supported the underdog and had a special tug of the heart to help those in need.

I loved Tim’s lack of conformity to society’s rules. Tim lived in the present, sharing his moments to the fullest. One of my favorite memories of  Tim was of him shopping one day at Walmart, on his way out, he saw a group of men sitting in the back of a truck bed filled with water cooling off in the hot Summer heat. Tim stripped off his clothes and joined them, absent to any discriminations or personal judgments.

TimWalmartTim McJunkin, You will be dearly missed. Thank you for all your great stories and memories!


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