How to Fight by Carlos Andrés Gómez

I am excited to have the movie, Miss Representation coming to our county on April 5th, 2013 at the KROC Center in Suisun.  I came across this video this morning and see how our younger generations numb themselves to justify their separation to society, to humanity, to responsibility. The poets verse “Making it easy to kill…” are so powerful as I watch my son play his video games, not realizing that he is mastering the art of numbing himself to the harm of others. I sat with my son and watched Miss Representation when the idea came to us to bring it to our community, I paused the movie frequently to discuss with him the projections the media broadcasts to the public. I discovered that my own son felt a lack responsibility for how others are treated. When I reminded him that he has a mother and friends that are girls, his realization of the inter-connectivity came to light.

As a student of conscious languaging, I live my life watching my words, knowing how effective they can be. Mr. Gómez is very insightful and enlightening.

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