Jane Elliot’s lesson on Racism

I saw this video a while back and at first thought it was a bit abrasive. As days passed though, I remembered my experience in Southern Illinois when I was a child. I remembered how it felt being the shunned minority that was treated with no relevance at all.  I found that this session really did affect me in a responsive reflective way. I do get angry when I see inequality among all humans in regards to race, religion, gender, social status, age, and basic human moral respect for others. There have been times, I am sure that I have disrespected someone from my own ignorance and lack of awareness. Basic common courtesy and respect for others served with an ever growing humility has given me the greatest capacity to learn from my offenses.

Jane Elliot boldly demonstrates to us a perspective that is constantly ignored in society. Thank you Jane for speaking out for all of us to reflect on our own actions in society.

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