The author, Christina Baird

Born and raised in Northern California, Christina has made it her life work to be of service through accountability in her communities. Christina understands people, local businesses, and their needs. She connects all through humanistic marketing as she creates an awareness of a need. She believes a community has the conscious choice to contribute or find avenues that can. In addition, Christina serves on the Vacaville Community Services Commission appointed by the mayor, is acting President of the Vacaville Chapter, serving all of Solano County, Optimist club and owns two public relations and marketing companies. Christina volunteers her time to Solano County’s Office of Education’s Career Technical Education high school program and facilitates an accountability and contribution luncheon, keeping local business owners informed of any community needs.


Her passion for running is in alignment for how she lives her life in a day to day environment. Creating a space to always go a little bit farther, accomplishing feats that were once thought to be unattainable, she appears to continually train for life’s marathon. This book is her journey as a committed student of compassion and growth, who loves and serves to the best of her ability.

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