Everyone’s problem is more important than yours

bigger than they areA sudden intestity overcomes us when we think we have lost control of our circumstances. We impose on others to save us, not thinking that they might have a crisis of their own. Bombarding them with questions, forcing them to put their own task at hand on the sidelines. I catch myself doing this and on more than one occasion, I realize after the fact that my problem could have waited or that my world was not evidently, coming to an end. I diligently work on my awareness, I choose to remind myself that problems usually work themselves out, when I make myself my own observer. Patience is a trait I choose to master. I notice when I  “throw up” on my peers, I find that it overwhelms them and when I need them again, they are harder to be found. I like to save my favors and practice staying calm under pressure. Would I say, I am good at this? No, absolutely not. Everyday I wake up, starting fresh with a clean slate, an eager student hoping to graduate from this lesson in my life work.

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