What an Amazing Couple

And talk about humble.
Michael and Oshell Kendrick reside in Solano County with their combined co-parenting family of 9 children total,
with their youngest sibling bringing them closer then they ever have been through prayer, my God-son Gabriel.
The Kendrick Family is active within their church, Michael being the
photographer for Calvary Baptist Church and Oshell volunteering at the Fathers House.
I met the the Kendricks a few years back and with each interaction with, I am honored by their grace

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MK iPhotography

A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever. Michael Kendrick’s passion, as an artist, is to capture moments at their passing. Gifted at making time stand still, he expertly freeze-frames moments and transforms them into works of art.​​
Having spent time with Kendrick, I began to understand the artist within. We all know anyone with a camera can take a picture. But, anyone who ponders Kendrick’s work will quickly realize he’s a dream catcher who can echo forward what time reflects.
Kendrick’s obsession with salvaging remembrances can best be expressed in the words of Frank Deford ‘…to make the pilot light of memory flicker in one’s eyes.’

But Kendrick also has a penchant for capturing images for posterity sake; the genesis of his flair for portrait art. It’s one thing to take pictures of people. It’s quite another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness. This, for Kendrick, is a specialty.

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