Vacaville’s Emergency Homeless Shelter 2017

Once again our Community will be collaborating with the Churches of Vacaville, Mission Solano and our Vacaville Homeless Roundtable by hosting our Homeless Neighbors for Emergency Nomadic Sheltering this winter? Our experience is that this ministry blesses in many ways:

  1. It provides reprieve for our Homeless Neighbors from the elements!
  2. It allows our Community & Congregations to engage with our Homeless Neighbors on a relational level.
  3. It facilitates 60 consecutive days of contact with our Homeless Neighbors which brought success last year from our Emergency Sheltering with the results of 20% of our Vacaville Homeless Neighbors willing to take a hand-up in getting off the street!

Pastor of City Impact Ministries, Valley Church Since 1979
Director of Homeless Roundtable “There’s a Better Way”, Navigator

PICK-UP/DROP OFF LOCATION (Beginning Jan. 2, 2017 through March 4, 2017)

Sunday through Saturday- 5:00pm-6:00pm Homeless Neighbors Check-in, screening & Pick-up by Mission Solano Staff at the The Father’s House Love Our City located at 1040 Mason St (Old Grey Hound Transit Center/Near Fitness 19)

Fri 5-6pm Homeless Neighbors Check-in, screening & Pick-up by Mission Solano Staff at Epiphany Church located at 300 West St Vacaville after Dinner.

MORNING DROP OFFS: Sheltering Neighbors will be delivered to 1040 Mason St at 7am

To Volunteer: Go to Email or Call 707-639-1209
To Provide a meal: Go to, Enter Last Name: El Nino in the Find Box PW: food or Call Ciera Padilla 707-310-4152
FOR INFORMATION: on Vacaville Roundtable’s: “There’s A Better Way”, Navigator Program, Click On an Educational Video Produce by The City of Vacaville’s Public Relations Director, Mark Mazzaferro.

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