Calling for Help!

Originally published on on June 28, 2016 By Amanda Nguyen

The House bill introduction has built Calling for helpstrong biparitsan momentum, but we need your help to get it through Congress. Right now, our bill is in the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. We need your help to mobilize Congress to pass this bill. You can help by emailing and calling these key members of Congress.

I am so grateful for your support! Let’s make history!

Speaker Paul Ryan | Call: (202) 225-3031

Jim Sensenbrenner (WI) | Call: (262) 784-1111

Darrell Issa (CA) | Call: (202)-225-3906

Jim Jordan (OH) | Call: (202) 225-2676

Jason Chaffetz (UT) | Call: (202) 225-7751

Doug Collins (GA) | Call: (202) 225-9893

Dave Trott (MI) | Call: (202) 225-8171

Steve Cohen (TN) | Call: (202) 225-3265

Karen Bass Phone (LA) | Call: (202) 225-7084

Sample language for email and phone call:

I am calling to voice my support for H.R. 5578, the Survivor’s’ Bill of Rights Act of 2016, that Representatives Mimi Walters and Zoe Lofgren introduced last week. I urge you to pass this bill.

Under current law, basic rights that protect survivors of sexual assault and help them fully access justice vary greatly from state to state, resulting in an uneven patchwork of laws. The Center for Disease Control reports that a staggering 25 million Americans are rape survivors – a population nearly equal to the state of Texas. Brave survivors and hard working law enforcement officers deserve commonsense legal protections and clear procedures that ensure access to justice. Americans urgently need a comprehensive Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights o ensure that access to justice does not depend on geography.

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