Don’t tell me everything happens for a reason

Don’t tell me everything happens for a reason
When even the justice system offers no solution
I walk around reclusive and exposed
Like a tortoise without a shell
Every day life plays in fast forward
But my mind keeps replaying moments in hell
One unwanted touch and my childhood was
Erased without a trace
Society usually forgives the man who stole my
Innocence in the first place
But this
Aesop Fable
Knows better
‘Coz you see this tortoise
Was a small but mighty go getter
Persevered one step at a time
Big and small
Proving that a slow start is
no indication of your ending at all
Your history is not your destiny
Her shell was built for longevity
Witty and clever
She outsmarts her predator
The tortoise is more than what the hare
Bargained for.

Jodie Ortega
‪#‎FacesofPTSD‬ ‪#‎PTSDisme‬

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