Talking to Kids About Body Safety

Talking to Kids About Body Safety

Talking to Kids About Body Safety

One of the most significant steps to protecting the children in our lives from sexual abuse is to begin talking with them early and often about topics like body safety, sex, and boundaries.

Last Sunday, TLC premiered “Breaking the Silence,” a documentary filmed in partnership with Darkness to Light and RAINN which featured five brave child sexual abuse survivors who shared their stories to help viewers understand the issue and how to protect children. If you missed “Breaking the Silence,” it is available for download at

This documentary emphasized the need for adults to take responsibility for protecting children from sexual abuse. One way to do this is to teach children how to recognize unsafe touches and situations, and to seek help from trusted adults if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable. Have you talked to your children lately?

For tips on how to start and continue protective conversations with children, copy and paste the following link into your web browser:


Learn The 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children

Download the “Breaking the Silence” Viewers Guide


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