Can Your Family Lower Your Vibration?

Originally published on Love or Above on January 2, 2015 By Christie Marie Sheldon.

Can Your Family Lower Your Vibration

Every thought or feeling has a vibration, attracting similar emotions and physical manifestations. So can the negative energy or vibration from another person affect you? Absolutely… especially when you are emotionally “invested” in another person, such as a close family member. Some families perpetuate toxic and negative energies: putting each other down, verbally/emotionally/physically abusing family members, shunning family members for perceived wrongdoing (or just for being different) and other examples of less-than-loving behavior.

Of course not every family member is out to get you, or intends harm. Many ways of treating others are unknowingly passed down through the generations, and you may be around people who don’t even realize they’re hurting you emotionally.

However, you have the power to change this. Just because someone is family, doesn’t give them the right to treat you like a doormat, nor does it give them the power to lower your vibration. You are in charge of how you feel, even if you don’t think you are.

Think about the people in your life – how do you feel when you’re around them? Do you dread answering the phone when a certain family member calls? Do you feel emotionally drained after spending time with a relative? Are your boundaries not being respected? Coping with someone who always seems to be taking from the relationship, without giving?

These people are energy vampires, sucking your vital life force and self esteem. Interacting with them brings us down, leaving you feel worse than before.

These negative energies attract more negativity into life, recreating the same circumstances over and over again. A low vibrational energy leaves you vulnerable, overwhelmed and exhausted. While repeatedly being subjected to harmful emotions like shame, fear, disappointment and anger can cause disease and mental breakdown.

If you are experiencing these situations in family relationships, they are vibration-lowering and need attention:

  • You feel unprotected emotionally.
  • You feel hurt emotionally.
  • You feel manipulated.
  • You are afraid to be truthful.
  • Your words are used against you.
  • Your needs are dismissed, discounted or minimized.
  • Your interactions feel depressing and hopeless.
  • Your self worth is derived from meeting someone’s needs.
  • Your own needs go unmet.
  • You avoid solving problems with the person.
  • Your needs are left unfulfilled.
  • You play the role of martyr.

What to do with the energy vampires who “drain” you? Try to minimize contact with people who make you feel “low” on any level. However, often there are situations where avoiding a negative family member isn’t an option. If that’s the case, develop a Vampire Blocking Shield, with acknowledgement and acceptance that this person isn’t going to change.

  • Prepare your armor ahead of time, realizing you don’t have to justify, argue, defend or enable when faced with selfishness, criticism, denigration or unhealthy demands. You can nod politely, let them speak and do not sink to their level with your own argument. It’s hopeless to argue with people who refuse to see another’s point of view.
  • Helping them feel better isn’t your responsibility. Disable their attacks by not feeding the vampires with your power. Do your own thing; follow your own heart; walk your own path. The haters will always hate, no matter what you do. You cannot, and will not, ever please them. And that’s okay. It’s not your job.
  • Don’t go in alone. When possible bring a high vibrational person to help deflect the vampires’ energy.
  • Preserve your precious life energy for attracting high vibrational people and events, whose interactions leave you feeling radiant, confident, secure, and loved.
  • If the relationship is abusive, seek outside help. DO NOT EVER tolerate any sort of abuse.

After unavoidable time with an energy vampire, try practicing these 4 self healing techniques:

  1. Take a walk in nature, grounding out the negative energy and releasing it into the earth. The earth can take a lot more “weight” than you can!
  2. Practice meditation. Set an intention to clear your being of negative energies. And, send this difficult person (or people) LOVE. Unconditional love. You lose nothing by doing so, and you gain so much – positive energy, happy feelings and inner peace. You still don’t have to LIKE this person (or people) but loving them raises your vibration a lot!
  3. Visualize filling yourself with healing energy, joy, love and compassion.
  4. Do something you love, as often as you can. Fulfill yourself with what makes you happy.

Become aware of your friends and family members’ vibrational levels. Identify ones that feel “uplifting”, interacting with you in a positive empowering way. Surround yourself with people who vibrate the energies of love, compassion, trust and caring. When consciously choosing to spend time with high vibrational people you will begin to attract others who align with your true self, creating a life of happiness and bliss.

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