Make Them Visible


The New York Rescue Mission, America’s first rescue mission conducted a social experiment with families of New York and called it, the Make Them Visible campaign. The project places family members in conspicuous placements throughout the streets of New York where they know their family members will pass them and asks the question,”Have the homeless become invisible?”

Would we recognize our own families if they were on the streets? Would we or do we get so preoccupied with our own lives that we forget to be aware of others in need? Is it possible to blind ourselves with our own needs?

The campaign places immediate family members who interact with the unsuspecting participants in their daily paths. No one recognizes their loved ones during the experiment. The looks of disappointment on the faces of the participants when they see how they were oblivious to those in need, (their loved ones) fills my heart with sadness. People living on the streets affects all of us, they don’t need to be made more real or personal for us as a human race to be AWARE of those in need. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE WHO NEEDS HELP, HELP THEM NO MATTER IF YOU PERSONALLY KNOW THEM OR NOT.

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