Veronika Scott

Her name is Veronika Scott. She is 24 years old and is the CEO and Founder of The Empowerment Plan in Detroit, Michigan. Veronika Scott is the definition of the word EMPOWERMENT. What first was a school project to fill a need in a community, became a life long imprint for so many people Veronika comes in contact with in an ongoing uplifting daily basis. Veronika thought of the idea of making coats which turned into sleeping bags for people who had fallen onto hard times and were either living on the street or in shelters. When it was brought to her attention that jobs could be incorporated in her original project, The Empowerment Plan was created.The Empowerment Plan Employs, trains and inspires women to take back the pride the dignity that was once forgotten. I am so excited to hear Veronika say, “I was the only person that could create this opportunity for myself.” I applaud and honor everything this divine woman stands for! Congratulations Veronika for finding your way in this lifetime!!!

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