Big Sister Isabel Elkin is choosing to help her family

Isabel Elkin and little girl HFWIR

I woke up this morning to read this post on Facebook from the eldest daughter of a local Solano County family. It’s a plea for help from their eldest daughter Isabel. My heart goes out to this family. I give praise to Isabel for standing in humility and having the courage to ask for help.
If there is anything you can do personally or through your business help this family, please reach out to Isabel Elkin on Facebook or at Isabel’s email,

“A very long shot , I’ve been trying to sell all of my clothes for money for food for my house.
My parents are in a very bad boat at the moment we have no car so we cant even go to those food banks this probably has never happened to us.
My mom works so she cant get on any help from the government I have a little sister and a little brother and me I am pregnant I cant get any help either because I live with them.
Just curious if anyone needs any home cleaning or would like to buy some of my stuff I am selling everything is of best offer I’d highly appreciate it. Thank you & god bless.”

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