Ben Simon, founder of Food Recovery Network

What an impressive imprint Ben is making in the world. Food Recovery Network is in 46 colleges to date and their mission is to be in 1,000 colleges by 2018!

Ben Simon
Ben S. recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. He brings six years of nonprofit experience, and 24 years of not being able to stand good food going to waste. He has been involved in a variety of other start-ups, including, The Love Movement, and Hungry Harvest, which sells surplus produce at bargain prices and donates a bag worth of produce for every bag sold. Ben likes songwriting, swimming, Indian food, long walks at 2 AM, and pick-up volleyball. He is inspired by Food Recovery Network’s amazing student leaders, and sees it as part of a larger movement building a sustainable, socially just, and prosperous world. Ben was recognized by ABC News and Univision as one of their Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of 2012.

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