The Living of Kendall Walker

Last Night I congregated with a loving group of souls sending our precious Kendall Walker off to be amongst the angels in heaven and sit at God’s table. The prayers that were read were heartfelt. The songs sung warmed my heart. The family’s choice of scripture was inspirational.

Kendall, you are well loved and will always be remembered. A son, a father, a brother, a friend. Thank you for touching our lives in this lifetime.

KENDALL WALKER: Who was the real Kendall Walker?
Kendall’s core identity was one of a young man who had a strong belief in God, and believed that he was on this earth to do good for others. After reaching adulthood, Kendall continued to attend church and men’s conferences and special events at The Father’s House in Vacaville. Kendall took his obligation of raising his son, Damien, to know God very seriously and brought him to church on a regular basis. People were always impressed when they’d see Kendall in church, on his own, with his son.
Kendall enjoyed and got great satisfaction when he served his community through The Father’s House “Adopt-a-block” outreach program and would help load trucks with food at The Storehouse, then go into struggling neighborhoods to hand out the food.
Kendall was always eager to help anyone who needed a hand working on their vehicles, which he was very proficient at from being a teacher’s aid for auto shop in high school. Kendall was quick to lend a hand to help anyone who needed his help, no matter what the need was, from tiling the bathroom floor of the ladies he lived with to helping friends and family move or do ANY odd job that was asked of him. He is remembered by everyone for his willingness to help.
Kendall had a strong love and commitment to nurturing his relationships with family members, and would go out of his way to grasp EVERY opportunity to spend time with them, and family was ALWAYS BLESSED with his loving presence and helping involvement.
Kendall was a HARD committed worker!!! He was committed to excellence and took pride in whatever job he applied himself to.
He had a desire for self improvement and set goals for his future achievements. He was always reading educational books to increase his knowledge on goal setting and achieving success. He attended motivational workshops and seminars for personal growth and information in the future of real state and finance. While working and taking care of his son, Damien 50% of the time, he made every effort to attend college classes to keep moving forward to reach his goals.
Kendall was an EXTREMELY devoted father to his son, Damien, whom he took much pride in. Kendall showered Damien with love and attention and took GREAT care of him, cooking and cleaning for him, playing with him, teaching and disciplining him and providing a loving comfortable home for him,
EVERYONE who knew Kendall, knew how much love and devotion he had for Damien and what a GREAT father he was to him.
Kendall had a love for basketball and skateboarding, as well as other sports, but these two he spent the most time pursuing. He spent hours working on and improving on his basketball skills, and finding competitive game opportunities at The Duke Center in Vacaville or local parks. You could often find Kendall at local skateparks fine tuning his ollies, jumps and grinding rails along with Damien following right behind him. We spent many an hour watching them and taking pictures and video of them at the skateparks.
Kendall was an exceptionally bright young man with a BRIGHT FUTURE!
As many young men growing up, Kendall was working through some difficult times but had the mindset of an OVERCOMER. He had goals for his life and for his son’s future and was always working towards completing his plans on fulfilling his goals, despite whatever setbacks life threw his way.
Many, now, great men have testimonies to share of the dark places in their lives that they have overcome to bring them to where they are today by persistence through the trials and whose lives are now an inspiration to those going through similar life struggles.
Kendall never stopped reaching towards his goals, and I BELIEVE he had the tenacity, drive, diligence and purpose to become successful in achieving ALL he had set his mind on achieving.
Kendall Walker was and STILL IS a loving AMAZING young man of God who lived his days seeking to live out God’s purpose for his life, here, on this earth.

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